Shave heavily matted coat

Every pet regardless of which service you choose is thoroughly checked for fleas & ticks, skin & coat condition, ear, eye, and oral health. Any conditions will be addressed to help him/her feel better. Every pet receives the most caring & calming experience possible. We make every effort to keep your pet happy & safe. We will not force upon your pet any service he/she may not like, we want your pet to love their grooming experiences with us. We only use products & equipment we feel are the best for your pet, that will not harm them in any way, alleviate properly any conditions they might have, and try to maintain "The Ultimutt Grooming Experience" your pet will ever receive. No matter which service you choose, your pet will have a comforting, loving and calm salon experience. They will be clean and happy and they will feel great (and so will you)!

Enhance your pets Spa Experience with any of these add on services

Ultimutt Bath
If what you want is a bath with the basics covered, this is for you
. We will use shampoo based off your pets needs, cut the nails, clean the ears and use a facial product.


Ultimutt Style
This includes everything in the Ultimutt Bath plus a hair cut or trim

Add on Services listed below

From teeth brushing to flea baths, check out our list of additional services that can be added to any appointment.

What We Offer

The Ultimutt Cut Pet Salon opened in April 2012. Tracy began her grooming carreer in NY in 1992. Pet grooming is our specialty, but we do offer a small retail boutique. When you visit the salon you can see all pets being worked on whether they are in the tub being washed, on the table being dried, or in the front getting their haircut.  We have crate-free options as well.

About The Salon

Flea Bath

Shaved poodle feet

We accept walk in nail trims from 8:30 -11:30 a.m. Please call ahead for other times during the day

Walk in nail trims are $8.00

$5.00 & up




​All special bath prices are priced to the size of your pet


Teeth Brushing

Help promote oral health & prevent tooth decay with pet friendly toothpaste 

Anal Glands

Fecal waste/diarrhea cleaning



Mud Bath Conditioning

Conditions, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat with valuable minerals that absorb into the body, while pampering your pet 


​Based on $30.00 per hour after first 15 minutes
(and only if the pet can tolerate dematting)

Medicated Bath​



Additional charges you may incur

Paw Balm

Moisturizes & heals dry, cracked paws and helps to protect from snow & salt 


Skunk Bath


Inappropriate behavior

Nail Grinding

Smoothens the rough edges caused by nail trimming, helping to eliminate scratches, and leaves nails as short as possible 

Only the very best for you and your pets!



The Ultimutt Cut Pet Salon