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Our Consignment Boutique

Have you ever bought something for your pet that they outgrew, they didn't like, you changed your mind or it just didn't work out and you couldn't return it? Or do you have a new furry friend and you need some of the basic essentials, but want to keep costs down? We have the answer for these problems. We are a new concept in consignment, especially here in the Mt. Washington Valley.  We offer consignment on pet related items at a fraction of the cost of new items.  Our Consignment boutique can make you money or save you money. We have new, almost new and gently used items.  We welcome you to come in and sell your items, giving you the opportunity to make money, or you can simply donate unwanted items & the proceeds will go to local animal shelters.  And of course we encourage you to look for pet items & accessories, you will be sure to find great deals on great items for your best friend.

What to consign

Clothing, beds, leashes, collars, toys, crates, gates, dishes, grooming supplies, etc. for dogs and cats.

How to get started selling your items

All items must be new or gently used, and must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before bringing them in.  Labels should be intact, no rips, tears or stains.  Crates must have working doors, locks and mechanisms, and crate pan intact. All items must be in clean, safe and presentable condition, it is your responsibility to make sure your items do not have that "pet" smell and to make sure there are no safety recalls on your items.  Items not in sellable, safe condition will not be considered, we have the right to refuse any item we feel will not sell.  Items that are not thoroughly cleaned will be considered, but your consignment earning will be 10% less.

How it works

You would then sign a consignment contract with us (see below).  You set the price of what you want it to sell for as well as the minimum you would take. You would earn 50% on the selling price of your item in store "credit" or the option of cash back in the form of a check with a $5 minimum and a $1.00 processing fee if mailed.

Our consignment schedule is roughly 365 days.  Your item will go on sale after 90 days, then after 120 days we will mark it down again until we reach your lowest price.   After 365 days we will contact you to pick up your unsold item if we feel its not going to sell or we can donate it to a local shelter or put it in a free box.  If you chose check you will be issued a check quarterly for the previous months sales with a $5.00 minimum or if you choose to take a store credit we can notify of your credit.

 Please note: We are not liable for any loss while your merchandise is under consignment.  All consignments are left at the owner’s risk. We are not responsible for loss, theft, fire, negligent handling or any other damage while in our possession, our store is insured, but your merchandise is not. We recommend calling ahead if you will be bringing in more then a couple items to make sure we will have the time to go over it with you. Donations are accepted anytime.

 Check these links for how to clean items & to check for recalls;     

GET STARTED by printing our Consignment Contract here.

Complete and return to us when you bring in your items.  If you still have questions, please call or stop in and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. 603-356-6699 we are open Tuesday – Saturday.

More things arriving daily, they will go fast so don't delay, come take a look at our quality new and used consignment items today!