Located at 512 Eastman Road in North Conway, New Hampshire

(Route 302 in Redstone next to NAPA and near East Conway Rd intersection) 603-356-6699

We offer a variety of services from just a nail trim to a haircut with the works!

The Ultimutt Cut Pet Salon

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Opened salon in  2012 

Pet Stylist since 1992

Please call us for pricing.

Prices vary by breed, as all breeds are different. All pets of the same breed can also be different, so prices again may vary. We will give you an estimated price based on a typical size and coat condition for a pet of that breed. We can narrow down that estimate once we see your pet, however behavior may also cause price variations. We hope you understand this pricing strategy as we try to keep our prices as fair as possible.

Factors involved with changing prices include; heavy matting, heavy undercoat, advanced age, overweight, larger or smaller than average size, severely bad skin condition, excessive fleas, or pets that have not enjoyed regular grooming of 10 weeks or less, as this causes additional wear and tear and additional time required to finishing grooming. Pets that are too hard to handle because of bad behavior or aggression may be turned down for grooming,

If any grooming procedure is too stressful for your pet to handle or we have a concern for the safety of your pet or our staff, we will not continue and service up to that point will be charged.

Prices may vary and are subject to change

Open Tuesday - Friday & some Saturdays ​by appointment only


(603) 356-6699

The Ultimutt Cut Pet Salon

512A Eastman Road

Ctr. Conway, NH 03813